5 Reasons Why Cork Closures Are Better Than Screw Caps

Walking down the aisles of alcohol, you can see a lot of drinks corked and you can see the same products sealed with a screw cap. This means that some people like it more when their drinks are closed in one and some like it closed in another way.

In this article, we’re talking about the advantages of corks. They are made from wood, and the system of sealing is much different than the one of the caps. The one must be opened a special opener while the other can be opened by hand. Read if you want to see why the wood option is better.

1. Screw caps give no enjoyment

Imagine a movie scene where two lovers go to a fancy restaurant and one of them orders a bottle of wine. Would you enjoy more if the waiter opens the bottle silently or by producing that famous sound of the cork popping?

The answer is clear. The popping brings enjoyment and makes the drink fancier. It adds style and drama to the situation. That makes it clear who’s the winner in this category.

2. Corks allow you to make them customized

People who are really in love with these items order customized ones from manufacturers who make these things. Cork closures can be made with special prints on top which gives a lot of style to the person owning a bottle of some drink or spirit.

These are made with a special stamp but also can be closed and opened more times. Unlike the ones that are originally made in the factory and can be used only once, these can be used over and over again and for many different bottles.

3. Wine tastes better closed with a cork

The wood and the material of it gives a special flavor to the wine. The reason for this is that the drink gets to be closed with wood material that can’t make a 100% closure.

It allows oxidation which prevents some drinks to stay closed with corks more time, but at the same time, it allows the wine to get that special taste which preserves the original one.

4. The wine matures well with a cork

Just as we said, the fermented grapes won’t age well if they are closed with a screw cap. Have you ever saw a barrel full of wine that is closed with something like this? No, they all use big special wooden closures that allow the drink to age to perfection. Learn more about how grapes ferment here.

5. Corks are perfect for alcohol manufacturers

Some people create their alcohol. Some do it as a hobby and others do it as a profession. If you’re one of them, you know how cool it would be to have a bottle of some liquid branded. Having your etiquette is amazing.

If you can add a closure that follows the same style, that would be great. This is why we say corks are the best choice for people who like to produce their own drink. Especially families with their coat of arms can add a part of their tradition which will be something that will leave quite an impression on everyone that comes as a visitor in the basement or the wine cellar.


With the things written above it’s clear why people love more the closure wooden corks. Even though the screw caps are more convenient and can use for closing the bottles for as long as you want, most of us still like the other option better.

If you think about it, you’ll realize that every drink we buy from the stores is meant to be used for a shorter time. No one buys a bottle of wine and plans to drink it in the next 3 months. The maximum period is a week or two which is just enough for the drink to be safe. Learn how much one bottle can stay opened since you did it first from this link: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/food/a574652/how-long-does-open-wine-last/.

If you’re thinking about what better option for you, have these things in mind. If you’re planning to drink something for a longer period than go for the screw caps. If not, the other option is much better.