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Aims of the reformed conservative.

One important program for the reformed conservatives in the recent past has been the education system. A major hurdle for the conservatives has been unions that ultimately protect the teachers rather than the students. Employees in the past joined unions to receive protection from harsh working conditions and bad employers. Primarily the major reasons that teachers take industrial action have been all about the coins, and there hasn’t gone so well with the conservatives. Teachers should be paid on merit that is the work you put in you receive remunerations according to that. Scrapping off these unions will benefit the students much as the teachers will go an extra mile with the effort they will put in the students while teaching them.
An additional aim for the reformed conservatives will be the tax reform. The foundation of any society is built around the family. Moms and dads that are employed should be sheltered from punitive tax regimes that usually double tax them and the conservatives are in the forefront of fighting for their rights. They are taxed twice, and the conservatives idea to curbing this is by expanding the child tax credit. By so doing parents won’t pay double tax as they have been in the past.

It’s crucial for the conservative to see to it that the infrastructural reforms are put to place. Maintaining of the transport infrastructure has not been followed keenly by the government. A rigid transport act should be put up so as to ensure that money set aside for certain project will be for that particular project and not otherwise.
For equal opportunities in the workforce the reformed conservatives want some amendments made to achieve these. The people should have a say on whether they want to be part of these unions or not. The current laws expect everyone in the workforce to be in a union. Working families have minimal time for their families and conservatives want these changed to favor these families. Conservatives want some new laws that will enable families in non-government organization strike that balance of work and life in general.

Another important reform is the justice reforms. Some sentencing of felons are too harsh for them thus the conservatives argue that imposing not too lenient or too harsh punishment should be the case which fit the crime committed. Chances of first-time offenders reforming for the better are increased as the quality of training and therapy sessions in these prisons are improved.

One should have the freedom of choice when it comes to the healthcare system. Employees should own and also control their health insurance which has not been the case.

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